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Janet's journal is an insight into her feelings and what inspires her work and her life.

Early April
Walk with Albert and Milly dogs, the sun just up, three Kangaroos look down on us though the dogs not allowed to notice but they do and walk with clenched teeth near my feet. Kangaroos in silhouette.

On track see Fox scats, they are eating mainly blackberries. Albert and Milly and I stop by a bank and eat all we can find.

Strange and difficult to think we can just do this, while at the same time in Baghdad, people and dogs, just like me, are hiding during the invasion. I fear for all that is sinister about this shocking war in Iraq. Last night heard the incredibly stupid Bush and Rumsfeld talking. Thank God for the other wisdom in the world. Albert and Milly to start with.

April 5
First thing I see out of the bedroom window (up high), looking down - three rabbits with sun behind their ears (red pink) looking down to a lower copse. I see what is there, a fine fox and very red. A long line, tail and body and two red triangles and the nose.