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Exhibitions and Workshops
22 to 25 October 2009
Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park
22 to 25 April 2010
Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens Victoria.

Solar Plate (Photopolymer) Workshops
This process is one of the safer techniques of printmaking and is remarkable for the detail and definition that can be achieved. Tonal gradations are more easily created than in traditional etching, with a quality similar to lithography. A variety of drawing techniques are readily combined with the use of imagery from other sources.
The workshops are suitable for both beginners and experienced printmakers.
The workshops which I will give this year.
Sydney Workshop
Warringah Printmakers Studio.
Dates: May 8 and 9 2010
For more information on both these studios, visit their web sites:
To make a booking for either of these workshops:
Warringah Printmakers Studio
These are for people who are experienced printmakers wanting to try the photopolymer [solarplate] techniques, or for those who would like to become printmakers. All the stages are carefully explained, and at the completion of the two days, each person goes home tired but happy, with at least five to six of their new etchings. Sometimes, if time permits, there is a print swap arranged, and so each person has a fine collection of fellow students work. It is good to have some experience in drawing, but there are [non threatening] ways and means if it is all completely new.

Materials to bring
Drawing materials. Graphite pencils, 6b, 4b, 2b. Black felt pens, various thicknesses, preferably not smelly ones. A dip pen and nib. [nibs will be available for use]. A sharp blade or pen knife. Not very wonderful scissors, for cutting the plate. Paint brushes, for drawing and applying inks. Any special leaves, fibres, feathers, sheet music, maps, charts, photographs.
To Wear
Protective clothing, surgical gloves, at least food grade gloves, tight fitting, several so that they can be thrown away after, or you able to get Nitrile gloves - the safest for keeping ink off hands, also strong. If possible, it is good to bring cotton rags, so we don’t diminish the studio supplies. The solarplate will be available for purchase. Inks, papers, and film are supplied

Day one and two
Day 1
Preparing the Image for the First Plate
Preparing the image for the first plate. This will include;
Different ways of drawing on drafting film, using a combination of inks, paint, graphite pencils, Korns crayons, and techniques such as sgraffito, frottage and some overlaying of images,; the use of photo copies, and ways of adapting them [eg scratching back and adding of ink]. Found objects [leaves, different fibres]. Shaped plates, cutting and preparing for printing. Getting the image onto the photopolymer plate, using the sun and also the light exposure unit. Demonstration of test strips and ways of modifying the exposed plates.
Printing the Plate
Discussion on the different papers available for printing; the mixing of inks, applying ink to the plate, methods of wiping, and then how to use the etching press. All techniques and methods used in this workshop endeavour to be safe ways of printmaking, eg….the least contact of fumes and inks possible to our lungs and skin. There are no solvents used for cleaning, just oil and elbow grease. Included in the printing process is information on paper preparation and ways of drying the printed etching.
Colour Printing 1
The methods using multiple plates. Preparation of the films for multiple plate etchings, the separation to prepare for registration of plates and thinking about dividing colours up into tones.[All this usually just gets started on day one so if there is enough energy that night to work on ideas it can be got ready for the next day. But in reality it is just thinking about it and getting started the next morning.
Day 2
Colour Printing
Continuing the film making from day one, getting the films ready and making the plates, 2 to 3 plates. Often a key plate and then one or two others. A la poupee will be used on the colour plate to get more colour variation. Registration of the etching plates during printing, ways of placing the papers and a simple offset printing is shown. Also masking of separate areas.
Two ways of embossing – the Dan Weldon technique of drawing through ink, and the drawing with a strong black line to get the reverse embossing.

For students who would like to come to the workshop for four days:
It would be good if on the following days we could start earlier, so there is time to give extra assistance. Further techniques which could be tried…Direct drawing onto plates, through ink or direct application with pen or brush; Chine collee, [other materials applied to main printing papers], making and developing larger prints with combinations of multiple plate, embossed plates, further use of photographic film and images, eg ...layering and modifying them.
Using embossed plates as colour printing, in relief. Relief printing and making a plate similar to wood engraving.[this way can be done without an etching press.] Developing any of the plate or image making techniques that were introduced on the 1st day, which particularly interested you.

If you are interested in joining one of the workshops, please contact me by email, telephone or letter to confirm dates and a $60 deposit reserve a place, refundable in the event of a workshop being cancelled.
Telephone 08 83837170
Postal Address; Janet Ayliffe, Box 58, Kangarilla, South Australia 5157.

Janet's work is available for sale on this site and from the following galleries:

South Australia

Artworx, Main S,
Goolwa SA 5214 Australia
Telephone: 61 8 855 5094
Hahndorf Academy', 68 Main St, Hahndorf SA 5245,
Open 7 days 10am-5pm
Greenhill Galleries, 32 Mountjoy Parade,
Lorne VIC 3205 Australia
Open Friday to Monday 11am-5pm
Old Potato Shed Gallery', 32 Mountjoy Parade,
Robertson Cheese Factory, Robertson NSW 2577
Open 7 days 10am-5pm.
Smart Art Gallery, 43 Rundle Street,
Kent Town, SA, 5071 Australia
Telephone: 61 8 83634030
Kensington Gallery, 139 Kensington Road,
Kensington, SA 5068 Australia
Telephone: 61 8 8332 5752


Phillip Island Nature Park
Telephone: 61 3 5956 8300
Town and Country Gallery, 111 Princes Highway,
Yarragon, Victoria 3823 Australia
Telephone: 61 3 5634 2229
Yering Station Gallery, PO Box 390,
Yarra Glen, Victoria 3775 Australia
Telephone: 61 3 9730 1107

New South Wales

Lake Russell Gallery, 29 Smiths Rd, Via Woolgoolga
Moonee Beach NSW 2450 Australia
Telephone: 61 2 6656 1092
Salmon Galleries, 71 Union Street,
McMahons Point NSW 2060 Australia
Telephone: 61 2 9922 4133
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